Complete Turnkey Electronics Manufacturing and Supply Chain services

With a footprint in China, we partner with reputable EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) partners to offer our customers turnkey electronics
assembly, manufacturing and supply chain solutions allowing our customers to focus on the key aspects of their business. i.e. commercial success of their products

Upon completion of design and development, we can manage customers supply chain by shipping box built products to their end customers. Therefore, reducing costs
associated with storage and logistics

Electronic component kitting

Customers often find themselves in a position where the intended cost of manufacturing is much higher than the cost associated at the time of designing the product.

Whether you chose to simply design your product or use our turnkey solutions, we strongly believe that the cost associated with both design and manufacturing should remain within acceptable thresholds.

We offer complete electronics kitting services to our customer by engaging with most reliable supply chain partners at the very begining of the design process allowing us to chose the right fit for our customers products and offer reliable component supply solutions.

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