At Devanture, we work with our customers to realize the potential of a product or an idea and turn it into reality. We offer a comprehensive range of software and electronic product design services ranging from applied research and initial concept definition and specification, through all stages of engineering, development, prototyping, manufacturer management and certification process management for global markets.

End to End Management of product development from initial concept through to commercialization

System Development
and Design

Devanture applies simple principles to ensure its engineering systems develop solutions that stand the test of time.
Our multi-disciplinary process approach spans every step of the development lifecycle, from concept stage through to deployment.
The process focuses on the proactive management of risk and complexity and is geared towards ensuring the timely delivery of a technically capable solution that fully meets the needs of our clients.

Electronics Hardware Design and Prototype

We design products and systems which provide accelerated electronics development process to meet our customers business needs.
Our engineers understand where difficulties, costs and complexities can lie in electronics design. We can develop off the shelf modules for reducing time to market for our clients. Design documentation & validation provides test coverage to execute on prototype design.

Firmware and Software Design

Devanture has in-depth expertise in the areas of firmware development for embedded systems.
We offer end-to-end support for firmware development starting from system requirements to testing for quality and environment.
Our BSPs are developed to provide complete functionality that can enable interface between different system components and are compatible with Linux, Windows, Android and other platforms.
Firmware Migration, footprint optimization, performance tuning for latency are some of our key competencies.

Mechanical Engineering

Our aim is to provide customers with products which can be manufactured economically. Our engineers design products where electronics and active mechanisms are directly mounted on a sheet metal or cast chasis.
Chassis can be a viable solution where there are multiple PCBs, and these can be pre-assembled to the chassis and connected and tested by the PCB manufacturer prior to shipment for final assembly.

Regulatory Compliance

We work with local and international regulatory bodies to help acheive necessary product certification for our customers.
Devanture is well versed in the creation of design information packs and submission to suit electrical, emissions,lead-free (RoHS), recyclability (WEEE) and other regulatory requirements.

Our Projects

Industrial IOT

Porting of edge industrial grade IOT gateway

Vehicle Telematics

Linux based Telematics control unit firmwire design

Vending Products

BLE Vending Machine Firmware Development

Employee Mgmt Cloud

BLE NFC/MiFare card reader firmware

Battery Cloud

BLE based battery monitor (ESP 32)

Modem Interface

IOT Controller firmware design on SIMCOM / Quectel modem

Water TDS QA Cloud

Low power wi-fi water TDS sensor

In-House Location

Lowcost BLE beacon

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